Sunday, July 07, 2013

Monday: Franklin Park Reading Series

The Franklin Park Reading Series returns tomorrow with their fifth annual "Travels and Journeys" night, starting at 8pm in the big room at Franklin Park with $4 drafts. Organizer extraordinaire Penina Roth writes:

Acclaimed novelist and memoirist EMILY RABOTEAU will read from her compelling memoir/travelogue SEARCHING FOR ZION, which describes her quest for identity as a biracial American and her investigation into what homeland means to displaced black communities across the globe, including Jamaica's Rastafarians, Black Hebrews in Israel and Hurricane Katrina survivors in Georgia. Her reading will be accompanied by a short slide show of the fascinating people and places she encountered on her four continent odyssey.

She'll be joined by four of this year's hottest debut authors --- memoirist ROYAL YOUNG (Fame Shark) and novelists ELLIOTT HOLT (You Are One of Them), SARAH BRUNI (The Night Gwen Stacy Died) and SAMUEL SATTIN (League of Somebodies). We'll hear about a life-altering weekend in Southampton, lovebirds on the lam in Chicago, Cold War intrigue in Moscow and a family of superheroes in North America and Europe.

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