Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekend Events: Movies in the Garden, Murder Mystery at LaunchPad (+ Summer Programs for Kids Next Week)

It's never too early to start thinking weekend:

- On Friday, the Walt L. Shamel Garden hosts their final movie night of the summer, starting at 8:30pm. Don't miss their Farmers' Market on Saturday from 8am-3pm, too (now accepting EBT).

- LaunchPad's also got an entertaining slate of weekend events lined up:

From their weekly update:

Friday, July 26th @ 9pm
Haunted Murder Mystery Beach Party

Celebrate summer, art and good times at LaunchPad's Haunted Murder Mystery Beach Party; An interactive evening where the audience will work together to solve a murder mystery while experiencing awesome art and performances...or just hang out, drink, dance and party amidst the artistic chaos. It's up to you!

One year ago legendary boogie-boarder, Chip Rigby, died in a freak accident at the national boogie-boarding championship (hosted by LaunchPad, of course). Some say that ever since that day his ghost has been haunting LaunchPad trying to solve the mystery of his death, which prevented him taking the championship title in 2012. On July 26th, LaunchPad hosts the 2013 boogie-boarding championship featuring many of the same competitors, who are all suspects in Chip's eyes. Strange vibes are afoot, dudes and dudettes.

Featuring performances by:
:: MUSIC Surf rock by the Ape Hangers
:::: CRAFTING Group Crafting Challenge
:::::: READINGS/INCANTATIONS Niina Pollari + JD Scott
:::::::: VIDEO Julianna Schley
:::::::::: KARAOKE Cool Beans Midi Karaoke Madness
:::::::::::: BEER Home Brewed by Honest Pete
:::::::::::::: WINE Provided by Wino(t)
:::::::::::::::: BYOBBQ Bring food for communal grilling in the backyard

Beach attire strongly encouraged. All the proceeds go to benefit LaunchPad.

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2,3,4,5,C to Franklin Avenue station
9p, $10 suggested donation


Saturday, July 27th @ 8pm

Pulsewave started in March 2006 as a way for chip music composers from all over the world to showcase their live music, paired with live visuals, on a monthly basis. Chip music is a kind of music made from archaic hardware, including Nintendo Game Boys, Nintendo Entertainment Systems and Commodore 64s.

Battle Lava creates music that inspires you to dance, contemplate, and sometimes both.

Jérôme LeBel, AKA Pocaille, is a Montréal multimedia artist. Recently, he has been focusing on music production. His first album, "Divide et Impera", is buzzing with retro-fueled dancefloor-oriented house grooves and is injected with old gaming console synths.

♪ [XC3N] (MTL)
Co-Foundator of Montréal's Toy Company events and sole chiptune DJ on FM, XC3N has been very active on the chip music scene. From lowtempo dubby vibes layered with hip hop references to high energy drum and bass rhythms, he keeps a steady flow of beats headed your way with his own unique live setup. After playing in Montreal, Quebec, New York City, Philadelphia and Boston, XC3N is happy to celebrate 5 years on the cheapt00n circuit with a comeback to Pulsewave: the very event which inspired him to stir up the scene in MTL.

☼ DIY_destructi0n (NY)
Formerly known as Invaderbacca, diydestruction is a new take on old hardware. Using 2 Nintendos, custom Android software, PD programming and an Altoids tin to mix, he creates a visual environment that goes beyond clips from old horror movies and 1UP mushrooms.

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2,3,4,5,C to Franklin Avenue station
8pm; $10 suggested donation


Sunday July 28th @ 1pm
Mozzarella Making Class

The Campania Region in Italy is known for its beautiful water buffalo milk pasta filata cheese: mozzarella. Although the water buffalo is a rare entity in the U.S., we can make the most of this traditional recipe by using the best breed of local cow milk. How do we replicate the richness of classic water buffalo milk in our cow milk mozzarella? Our class will explore cheese making by producing a large batch of the cheese to be eaten fresh. Expect drink, cheese, spring produce, stories, and recipes from an urban cheese maker.

Registration required:

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2,3,4,5,C to Franklin Avenue station
1pm; $35 registration fee (includes materials)

- Finally, the Brooklyn Waldorf School (nearby in Bed-Stuy) has one more week of camp left, and they're still accepting campers.

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  1. That murder mystery event sounds fantastic! I have heard only good things about murder mystery parties and I would really like to attend one!