Sunday, September 01, 2013

Back to Blogging: Cafe Allegria, Kelso Bistro, Island Cz Cafe, & More

(Cafe Allegria and its big backyard)

ILFA got back to Franklin this week and found a whole bunch of new places had opened/reopened, which meant it was time for an expedition. 

- The first place the lady and I stopped at was Cafe Allegria, which occupies the bottom floor of a new building on St. Marks just east of Franklin. The couple who owns the cafe lives upstairs, and has turned their driveway and backyard into a great attraction for the cafe, with big tables, a garden full of fragrant herbs (including mint for their homemade tea) and a grassy lawn with a croquet set. Inside, they bake their own bagels and cream cheese and smoke their own ham, which the Yelpers and Brooklynians find most excellent (as did we). Check 'em out.

- Around the corner, Kelso Restaurant has re-opened, as promised, under new management. I haven't seen a menu yet, but heard from someone on the Avenue that they'll still be serving Panamanian food, keeping a great Franklin Avenue tradition alive. MikeF noted over on Brooklynian that the new iteration of the restaurant, Kelso Bistro, has applied for a liquor license

- Up the street, Island Cz Cafe (in the former 3Ds space) has opened after many delays, just in time for the West Indian Day Parade tomorrow. They were offering free samples of a delicious oxtail soup on Friday night when I went by, and they've got their complete menu posted at their website here.

- As reported by the Brooklyn Paper, Classon Avenue is slated to get another music venue this fall (along with The Classon, a blues spot coming into the former Abigail's space). Friends and Lovers, just around the corner from mega-project 1000 Dean, will feature indie rock on the same block where Thirstbaravin opened and closed (perhaps just before their time, as ILFA's guessing the 1000 Dean scene would have helped their business tremendously). 

What else is ILFA missing? Thoughts on the new spots? Readers, help a blogger out, and see you at tomorrow's parade. 


  1. Whynot_31 counted six (6!) new venues that may open by October.

  2. Nimba Cafe on St Johns Place just west of Franklin is also a gem of a cafe.

  3. I know! I read it on ILFA over a month ago: