Monday, September 02, 2013

Pre-K Coop Starting Soon at LaunchPad

For those with little ones in the neighborhood, a new Pre-K option at LaunchPad:

"PreK" Coop for (18 months to 3 years) Forming 

Starts Early September.Montessori and Reggio inspired

$500 to 550 a month

M-F mornings.  Approximately from 8 to 1.Will be held at Launchpad (721 Franklin Ave.)

Teacher has a BS from NYU in Early Childhood Development.  She is a certified in Pre K Yoga, fluent in French, plays guitar makes all her own art supplies. 

Most parents will assist the teacher 1 day a week. There may be 1 or 2 slots that would not require this, but each family would still have to put in comparable hours to help out the coop (although this could be done on weekends, evenings etc.)


  1. I wonder what the folks involved in the Franklin Park reading series (who have a partnership with Unnamable Books in Prospect Heights) think of the Hulabaloo venture. While more bookstores and cultural events are always welcome, I wonder why Franklin needs two literary salons and whether the Halabaloo folks have talked to anyone at Franklin Park. (I also wonder why a person with two successful businesses needs to mount a Kickstarter campaign, but thats another story.)

    Honestly, I've always gotten the vibe that the Little Zelda folks have skirted the line when it comes to good neighborly relations with the businesses and people who have been here for a while, and this reinforces my concerns.

  2. Sorry, meant to post this on the earlier entry. Nick, can you please delete the above comment please?