Monday, November 04, 2013

VOTE Today!

It's Election Day, y'all! Get out and VOTE today.

ILFA will be voting for de Blasio (no surprises there), who's got this thing all locked up. ILFA put together a blog post about this for Dissent, but if you're excited about the possibility of de Blasio's politics, then today is the beginning, not the end, of getting mobilized to help push the mayor-elect to enact progressive changes in NYC.

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  1. Nick---good article---yes, what DeBlasio does in reality will be much more important than what he has promised. I myself, as someone who has taught in the public schools and tutored public school students feel that the money that DeBlasio wants to find for universal Pre-K would be better served putting extra teachers in first and second grade classrooms. Pre-K is largely custodial for the children; it is in the first and second grade that a child begins to conceive of himself or herself as a cognitive thinker. A second teacher in a first or second grade classroom, particularly in the poorer neighborhoods of the city would help insure that these skills are built successfully. I hope someone in DeBlasio's camp understands this.