Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Little Personal History and an Appeal for Local History

No, that's not Brooklyn; that's the Museum of Our Industrial Heritage in Greenfield, Massachusetts. What's it doing here? Well, as regular readers will know, ILFA's a grad student in history during the day, and my love of all things historical has shaped more than a few posts on this site. I come by this passion honestly, which is to say that more than a passing interest in history runs in the family. I grew up helping out around the edges at academic conferences and institutes for my dad (some folks who see me at these conferences now remember the pudgy eleven year old who handed out programs) and driving around with my mom as she pointed out the landscapes, buildings, and historical sites of Western Massachusetts. 

It's a truism to say that I wouldn't be here without my folks, but it's also true to say that I probably wouldn't be doing what I do now if they hadn't introduced me to the joys of history. So when dear ol' mom finds herself in charge of social media for the Museum of Our Industrial Heritage as part of Valley Gives Day (a big 24-hour giving spree), it seems only fair that her blogger son should make a public pitch. So, if you've got a moment today, PLEASE like the Museum on Facebook, become a "fan" on their Valley Gives page, and, if you've got a few bucks to spare, consider sending a donation their way. THANKS!


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