Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FiveMyles' Space Program Helps Artists Lift Off

Anyone who lives within the confines of the five boroughs knows that space is always in short supply in this town. The fact that space is scarce and expensive (these things mayyy be related) is a particular challenge for the city's creative classes, who are forever in search of places to ply their trades without breaking the bank.

Enter Crown Heights' very own FiveMyles, a non-profit gallery and performance space that's promoted experimental artwork, under-represented artists, and community engagement since 1999. ILFA's spent more than a little bit of time at their space at 558 St. Johns Place (between Franklin and Classon) over the past five years, for a wide range of great events including films, group shows, and community conversations. In addition to curating their own fantastic lineup, FiveMyles also offers their space to emerging artists and curators FREE OF CHARGE (you read that right) as part of their SpaceProgram, which takes place in between their own shows and during the summer months. 

They're currently accepting applications for their 2014 SpaceProgram in the months of May, June, July, and August. Complete info can be found at their website, and is copied below. If you or someone you know needs space this summer, send in an application.



This program offers our venue, free of charge, to emerging, young artists, musicians and performers for unfunded short-term events and exhibitions, in-between our scheduled exhibition programming and during the summer months, when the gallery would otherwise be empty. Events often take place on the wide sidewalk outside FiveMyles.
The on-going demand for the use of the FiveMyles gallery space through this program is indicative of the need young artists have to expose their work to the public, and of the difficulty of attaining it in New York. Making space available helps the arts retain the vitality and energy of a young generation of artists, and to encourage innovation and experimentation.
Proposals are reviewed by our artistic committee. We favor projects that are risk-taking, require minimal setup, and make effort to connect with the audience. 
For a list of past SpaceProgram events, please click here. 


If you are an artist developing a new performance piece and need a space to show a one-time work in progress or to experiment in front of an audience, please write a short proposal to with the following info:
  • description of the piece
  • link to a video or any other work sample
  • preferred date of performance
We are currently accepting applications for May, June, July and August 2014.
Contact us at 718-783-4438, email us, or come by if you have any questions.


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